Why cotton isn’t as cool as it used to be

Cotton fabric has been making waves for decades.

But is it just another fashion trend?

This is a real world example of why it’s cool to wear cotton.

A cotton fabric with an air of quality and quality of life, not something that’s just for show.

We like the cotton fabric we wear and it’s a big part of our everyday life.

We don’t want to see our clothes washed or torn, but we do want to use them as a fabric to make clothing, whether that be for a casual look or a more formal look.

When you put cotton on your clothes you are using it for the purpose of making clothes, not just for looks.

We like to wear a cotton shirt in the evening, but when it’s time to go out in the city, we like to put a cotton sweater on to make a pair of casual jeans.

And we like the look of a pair cotton trousers with a pair white jeans.