Which player will wear the ‘Cotton Poplin’ for the AFL season?

The AFL has unveiled a new logo to celebrate its 100th anniversary and the first AFL player to wear the iconic green and white colouring.

Key points:The AFL is the first major sport to introduce a new colour to its colours, as the new colours are calledCotton poplin”Cotton is the new cotton.

It’s a new fabric and it’s a great fabric to use in the fabric of the AFL.”

The AFL unveiled a series of new colours for the next 100 years at its annual convention in Perth, and this week unveiled the new colour scheme.

The new colours were selected based on “the AFL’s vision of a strong and inclusive, vibrant and innovative future for our game and our community” and were inspired by “the diversity and strength of our sport”.

“The new AFL colours reflect a strong, inclusive and vibrant future for the game of football in Australia,” the AFL said in a statement.

“It’s a powerful reminder of the importance of our game in the 21st century and the importance we place on a strong relationship between sport and the community.”

Cotton and Poplin”The AFL’s 100th birthday is the perfect time to revisit and update the AFL’s iconic colours, and our new colours reflect that vision.”

We’re pleased to announce that the new AFL logo and colour palette will be introduced to the game on the first Sunday of each month in 2020.

“The inaugural colour of 2020 is Cotton Poplin, which will be used throughout the 2020 season.”

Called after AFL legend, Cotton Poplins former coach John Cotton, CottonPoplin is the official AFL colour for the 2020 football season.

“It will be worn in a number of ways, with players, fans and supporters wearing the new look on the field and the back of the shirt.”

Fans will be able to watch the new football match with the new Cotton Poplins, as well as wearing them in their homes,” the league said.”

They will also be able buy them at sporting events and retail outlets, and they’ll be available to purchase from select stores across the country.

“This is a special occasion for the entire AFL community, and we hope it will be remembered as an exciting time for the sport of football.”

What is Cotton and Poplins?

“Cormax Poplin is a brand name which is associated with John Cotton and his team at the Adelaide Football Club,” the official website said.

“Comax Poplins, Cotton’s nickname for his team, was first used in the 1960s to describe the colour of the jersey of the Adelaide football club.”

The original Cotton Poplar was created in 1899, when the Adelaide and Melbourne clubs merged, and was a white, woolen jersey.

The club went on to win the Melbourne Cup in 1911 and the Western Bulldogs in 1912.

“At the time Cotton was coaching at the Western Football Club, it was a very exciting time in Australian football,” the site said.

The colours were first introduced in the 1920s by the AFL, and the brand has continued to grow, becoming one of the most recognisable colours in Australian sport.

The AFL will celebrate its centenary in 2020, when it will celebrate 100 years of AFL and AFLW.

“These new colours and the iconic colours of the sport are a tribute to the achievements of the game and the role it plays in the lives of many Australians,” the website said, adding that the AFL was also “proud” of its contribution to the world-famous World War II memorial at the Melbourne Cricket Ground.

The name Cotton was first introduced to Australia in the 1860s, when Cotton Poplas, the father of AFL football, moved to Adelaide.

The brand was first established in Sydney in 1893, when Poplins first club was founded.

The modern Cotton Poplan was created to be “the most appropriate colour for a modern football team”.

“It is our intention to continue to celebrate the AFL 100 years after its birth and we are confident that the Cotton Popline will continue to be a strong part of our sporting identity,” the team said in the statement.

The official AFL Twitter account was quick to offer its congratulations to the new jersey: