Which NBA player has been the best at winning over fans?

The NBA is full of legends.

There are Hall of Famers, Hall of Fame players, and a whole lot of players whose achievements are well known and have the potential to reach the NBA Hall of Famer.

But while they’re all capable of creating the kind of memorable moments that can make a game memorable, it can be tough to figure out which players truly deserve the best praise.

The following list is a look at players who have achieved a wide range of accolades in their time in the league.


Michael Jordan, Chicago Bulls, NBA Finals MVP in 1987 (2002-03) (Getty Images) 2.

Larry Bird, Boston Celtics, NBA All-Star in 1997 (1996-97) (AP) 3.

Wilt Chamberlain, Philadelphia 76ers, NBA Champion in 1949 (1953) (AFP/Getty Images,Getty Images 3/5) 4.

Magic Johnson, Los Angeles Lakers, NBA Sixth Man of the Year in 1984 (1985) (USATSI) 5.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Houston Rockets, NBA Most Valuable Player in 1988 (1989) (Reuters) 6.

Larry Brown, Chicago White Sox, NBA Hall-of-Famer in 1973 (1974) (NBAE/Getty) 7.

Kareema Abdul-Rauf, Detroit Pistons, NBA Player of the Century in 2001 (2002) (ABC News) 8.

Shaquille O’Neal, Miami Heat, NBA all-star in 2000 (2000) (USA Today Sports) 9.

Kare Emmitt Smith, Utah Jazz, NBA MVP in 2003 (2003) (NBC Sports) 10.

Shaq, Cleveland Cavaliers, NBA Championship MVP in 2001-02 (2002, NBAE/AP) 11.

Oscar Robertson, Atlanta Hawks, NBA First-Team All-NBA in 1989 (1989, NBA E/AP 11/5/09) 12.

Steve Nash, Detroit Tigers, NBA Second-Team all-time in 2001, NBA/AP 13.

Dwyane Wade, Miami Bulls, World’s Greatest Player in 2004 (2005) (Wade Family) 14.

Tracy McGrady, Denver Nuggets, NBA Rookie of the Month in 2002 (2002/03) 15.

David Robinson, New York Knicks, NBA Legend in 1997-98 (1997-98) (ESPN) 16.

Kevin Durant, Oklahoma City Thunder, NBA Coach of the Years in 2010 (2011) (Esquire) 17.

Kobe Bryant, Los Angels Lakers, Finals MVP of 2003 (2004) (Sports Illustrated) 18.

Kobe, Los Lakers, World Champion in 2005 (2005, ESPN) 19.

Carmelo Anthony, New Jersey Nets, World Series Champion in 2012 (2012, ESPN/ESPN2) 20.

Kevin Garnett, Boston Bruins, NBA Champs in 2007 (2007) (Sporting News) 21.

Jason Kidd, Philadelphia Phillies, NBA Champions in 1995 (1995) (SI) 22.

Yao Ming, Houston Astros, NBA Elite in 2008 (2008) (FIFA/Getty Sports) 23.

Dwight Howard, Los Angles Lakers, All-Time Greatest NBA Player in 2005-06 (2005-06) (Bleacher Report) 24.

Michael Beasley, Miami Dolphins, NBA Defensive Player of Time in 2005, NBA (AP/GettyImages) 25.

Kobe and Shaq: Two iconic names who will be remembered forever.

Source: Getty Images 26.

Shaqs father is Kobe Bryant.

How cool is that?

Source: ESPN 27.

Kobe’s mom is an American Idol contestant.

How much is that worth? Source