When you buy cotton, buy this one

When you bought a pair of cotton sweat pants, it might have been worth the $80.00 sticker, but now it seems the manufacturer has pulled them from your shopping cart, possibly because of concerns about the cotton fabric.

According to the online retailer, “Cotton is no longer our preferred material, with all brands of cotton now being made of polyester, polypropylene and polyester blend.”

According to The Next Wall Street Journal, “The new rules could cost consumers more than $100 million a year.

The companies involved in the product recall said they could not provide an exact number because of the volume of product and demand.”

But, the WSJ notes, “It is likely that some consumers may have already paid off their purchase, as some retailers are still offering free returns.”

The company that made the offending cotton pants, Sock Shop, says it is investigating and that it “does not take kindly to this type of situation.”

The WSJ also reports that Sock shop is not the only one who’s been forced to pull its clothing from the market, including: The National Basketball Association, which was forced to make its clothing, socks, and shoes from cotton, a week ago, after reports surfaced that the NBA’s players were using synthetic rubber.