What you need to know about cotton farm cotton fields

Cotton farms in Ireland have been under pressure over the last few years to curb the spread of dengue, with a large part of the country being planted with cotton.

However, farmers are now hoping to secure more land for cotton cultivation.

In recent weeks, farmers in Co Cork have been planting cotton in a number of fields, with farmers from several different locales.

The farmers say that the planting of the cotton is due to demand from the country’s farmers, with the number of farms in the area increasing from around 5,000 to around 50,000.

The planting has been a popular one with the community, as the area has become an increasingly popular destination for tourists.

However, the farmers are also concerned about dengues.

In a statement, Co Cork’s Agriculture Minister Brendan Sheehan said that the Government was in the process of “evaluating the effect of the introduction of cotton on the incidence of dendritic fever in Co Kerry, Co Galway and Co Wexford, with further research and monitoring being conducted”.

“The Department of Agriculture will continue to monitor the situation in order to provide advice to the Government as required.”

Source: RTE