What to know about Ben Watson’s ‘Binge on Cotton’

Ben Watson, the Australian-born actor best known for playing the late, great Ben Watson on Netflix’s popular series Orange Is the New Black, has been spotted wearing a cotton underwear with the tagline “Binge On Cotton” during his appearance on Late Night with Seth Meyers.

Watson has been a fan of cotton underwear for years.

“I don’t really like cotton underwear,” Watson told EW.

“It’s really uncomfortable and it’s really gross, and I don’t know why I’m wearing it.”

Watson told EW that the cotton underwear was a way to celebrate the work of cotton growers in Australia.

“That’s just a way of celebrating that it’s cotton and it grows here,” Watson said.

“We’re not farmers.

We’re just farmers.”

The underwear has been shared on Twitter by fans of Watson’s character Ben.

“What a great cotton underwear!

It’s the perfect excuse to have cotton underwear on,” one fan tweeted.

Another Twitter user, who identified herself as “Mash,” posted a photo of Watson wearing the underwear with “binge on cotton” inked on the bottom.

The tweet has since been deleted.