What the world knows about the cotton on cotton controversy


(AP) The world is wondering if the cotton that makes cotton and cotton rope, which can be made by the plants and sold to the consumer, is made from cotton.

The question has arisen after a man died from cotton poisoning at the hands of his mother, who used cotton rope to wrap a body around a tree and hang it to dry.

A woman who was also on the tree was charged in the death, and her lawyer, William R. Jones, said she is cooperating with authorities.

The Florida Department of Health and Environmental Control on Monday said a person with cotton on her body was taken to a hospital and tested positive for the drug and the plant is no longer being used.

Jones said the investigation is ongoing, and it’s not known whether she has been arrested or charged with any crime.

The state has not said if she has any relatives who are suffering from the poison.

Cotton on body is a common industrial chemical that’s used in many products.

But it’s a highly toxic substance and has not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration, which has said it is safe.

A few other plants are being investigated for their links to the plant.

In 2013, a woman died after eating raw cotton at a plant in West Virginia.

In 2016, a man who used a cotton on his body died in a hospital after eating it.