What the heck is the Cotton Poplin?

By Alessandra PizzoliAs football teams get more and more diverse, the number of players who look like their ethnicity is on the rise.

While a growing number of European clubs are opting for players of mixed-race ancestry, many American clubs have adopted a more conservative approach, preferring to stay out of the fray entirely.

The latest to adopt the cotton poplins, however, are the newly formed Brooklyn Nets.

The team is based in Brooklyn and, after signing the rights to the popular African American star Terrence Ross, has already adopted the distinctive uniform from the popular 1960s American football team.

“We really wanted to bring something that was unique to the team,” Nets assistant general manager John Walsh told reporters.

“We wanted something that would bring out the uniqueness of Terrence.”

While Brooklyn is no stranger to adopting other European soccer clubs’ uniforms, it has never before played a league game in Brooklyn.

The Nets played their first home game in 2008 and are the only team to play in Brooklyn in the modern era.

Brooklyn, which has won a total of five NBA titles, has had a long and storied history in the sport.

The Brooklyn Nets have won the NBA championship three times since joining the league in 1992.

The last was in 2012.

Brooklyn was also a member of the league’s original expansion teams in the 1990s.

“Brooklyn Nets history started with the Brooklyn-born and bred Terrence Robinson,” said the team’s chief operating officer, Joel Kaplan.

It’s a legacy that we’ve carried on through the team and through our coaching staff.””

That family is the foundation of our success.

It’s a legacy that we’ve carried on through the team and through our coaching staff.”

In a statement, Brooklyn general manager Billy King said, “The Nets organization is committed to creating a diverse and inclusive culture that embraces the unique history of the Brooklyn Nets and its fans.”

The team plans to wear its original jersey with the “Basket Of Shame” logo, which is part of a larger effort by the team to change its image in an effort to attract more African American fans.

“When we are challenged to embrace new ideas and opportunities, we can’t help but think of Terrell’s legacy and take inspiration from him,” the team said in a statement.

“It is with great pride that we are adding the “Black Basket” to the Nets uniform.”

Brooklyn is one of a number of American soccer clubs that are embracing a more restrictive approach to their players.

Earlier this year, the MLS expanded to include an expansion team that would play in the New York Metro area and was led by a former professional player who has a mixed-racial son.

MLS also allows teams to play only in areas with more than 100,000 residents.