When you’re about to buy a cotton sheet

Best cotton sheets come in different sizes.Some come in a full-length variety, while others come in the width of a bra.They’re typically made of cotton, so they’re made to be washed, dried and stretched to fit.But there are also cotton sheets that are more like underwear.These cotton panties can be […]

How to make a Cotton-patch Tamarin Dress from scratch

Cotton-patched Tamarins have been a staple of the wardrobe for generations, but for the last two years, they have become a little more popular with fashionistas.As we recently pointed out, their timeless simplicity and classic appeal has made them an ideal summer accessory.But in recent years, their popularity has taken […]

Obama: ‘I don’t believe we can defeat ISIS’

President Barack Obama has expressed confidence in his military and intelligence community, saying that the military and law enforcement are “ready” to fight ISIS, even as the US military is still dealing with fallout from a deadly ambush.Speaking at a press conference Tuesday, Obama said the military has “made significant […]