Why is cotton so much more durable than wool?

Posted September 12, 2018 09:09:09The answer is not because cotton is better at keeping you warm.But because cotton, in the right environment, is much more efficient at doing what it’s supposed to do.That’s because cotton has a few special properties that are more useful in warmer environments than in colder […]

How to crochet cotton yarn definition

Crochet a cotton yarn, as we did earlier, for a blanket or throw blanket for the summer.We also took the time to make some cotton yarn balls, and crochet the cuffs for the blanket.We found this yarn in our stash and it’s so easy to make that we’ll be doing […]

How to get the best cotton underwear

Cakes, pajama pants and boys cotton biker pants are all very different styles of cotton underwear.But one thing they all have in common is their ability to absorb water.And that is what these cotton underwear women will do their best to emulate in this tutorial.They will use cotton underwear to […]