Juve to play Juventus at Stadio San Paolo

It is likely that the Italian champions will play in the final of the UEFA Champions League after all.According to Football Italy, Juventus will play Juventus in the San Paoli final after they beat Inter 4-3. Juventus coach Massimiliano Allegri has been looking for a way to end the Champions League […]

How to make cotton boll in a cotton fayGO

Cotton boll is a soft and sweet sweet dessert with a hint of cotton candy. It is made with a mixture of corn starch and water. Here’s how to make it. 1.Add a tablespoon of corn flour to a blender. 2.Blend until it is a thick and creamy dough. 3.Divide the dough into four parts, […]

Cotton t shirt: A modern take on cotton trousers

Cotton trousers, also known as cotton overall, have become an increasingly popular style in recent years.With cotton being cheap and available in many different colours, it’s become popular for women with short legs to add a touch of glamour to their outfits.A modern cotton t shirt is usually a more […]