How to dress up for a cotton wedding

The wedding of an Indian bride to a white man in America has gone viral on social media.The wedding took place in May, but the video of the nuptials is just now being posted.The wedding of Ankit Kaur, from the eastern city of Jaipur, is a rare example of a […]

Cotton: ‘Cotton is not my favorite’

Cotton is not one of the many products in the Ivanka Trump line that Ivanka Trump has sold as a way to boost her brand, she told CNBC on Thursday.The former president has made the cotton she used in her clothing line her “favorite thing” to wear, according to the […]

Cotton t shirt: A modern take on cotton trousers

Cotton trousers, also known as cotton overall, have become an increasingly popular style in recent years.With cotton being cheap and available in many different colours, it’s become popular for women with short legs to add a touch of glamour to their outfits.A modern cotton t shirt is usually a more […]