Senator Tom Cotton wants to use a ‘cotton quilt’ to house US troops

By Andrew LintonUS Senator Tom Cole will soon introduce legislation that would make cotton quilts available for US troops in the Philippines.

The Senate Armed Services Committee will hear Mr Cole’s legislation in a closed session on Thursday, where it will be debated on a first reading.

The bill, which Mr Cole will introduce as a bill on Thursday afternoon, is designed to allow US military personnel to use US-made cotton fabrics, which have proven durable, to provide clothing and shelter to US soldiers in the Pacific theatre of war.

Senator Tom Cole says he wants to get rid of the current use of cotton fabrics for military purposesSenator Tom Cotton has introduced legislation to ban US military uses of the same kind of quilt fabric used by the military in the war against al Qaeda.

He has also proposed allowing US troops to use cotton quilt fabrics to shelter them and their families in the future.

The US Army used the same quilt as the Marines for decades before the war with al Qaeda, until it was scrapped in 2007.

“I want to encourage the American military to get their military supplies manufactured in the United States, instead of overseas,” Mr Cole told ABC News.

“We’ve seen what’s happening with our military, and it’s time we got rid of this quilt quilt.”

Senator Tom Coleman says he has ‘taken the lead’ on the cotton quillamax issueSenator TomCole says his bill will ensure that American military personnel can use US cotton fabrics to house troops in a future conflict.

“In fact, the United Nations has issued a directive that says the use of military materials, whether American or foreign, must be limited to those who are engaged in combat,” he said.

“And if that means that you can’t use US military materials to shelter your troops, I will support you.”

This is a bill that will provide the military with the resources they need to get to that point, and that’s what’s important to me.

“The legislation is aimed at helping the US military, which has struggled to provide a durable fabric that can be used in combat and to sustain a US presence in the region.”

My bill would provide the American soldiers with the capability to use their US-manufactured cotton fabrics and provide them the shelter they need,” Senator Cole said.

Senator Cole says his legislation will provide a military that can ‘stay safe, protect their own interests and their own families’Senator TomCotton says the legislation would allow the US government to “get its military supplies produced in the US, instead” of overseas.”

It will give us the flexibility to get our military materials manufactured in our country, instead,” Senator TomCole said.

But Senator TomCormick says the bill would be “a significant cost increase for our military” because it would require the Department of Defence to procure the materials in bulk, which could increase the price of the fabric.”

The Department of Defense has previously said it is committed to sourcing military materials from the United Kingdom and the US.”

I think it will cost a lot of money to get them from Australia to the US.”

The Department of Defense has previously said it is committed to sourcing military materials from the United Kingdom and the US.

The Australian Government also said it was committed to purchasing military-grade materials from overseas.

But Mr Cole has argued that it would be better for the US to get the materials from Australia.

“There are a number of other nations that have been able to supply materials, particularly from the UK and the United Arab Emirates, and we need to make sure we can do the same here,” he told ABC Radio.

“So we’re going to get that Australian material, and hopefully the Australian military can get that as well.”

Senator Cole’s bill has been supported by the Australian Greens Senator Scott Ludlam and Labor Senator Stephen Parry.

“Senator Tom has done a wonderful job of working with me to try to make this a reality, to have the Australian government produce military fabrics in the UK,” Senator Ludlam said.”[But] as of right now, the Australian Government doesn’t have the materials.”

Mr Ludlam also said he hoped the US would use the material it is importing from the US in its fight against al-Qaeda.

“They’re in a tough position,” he added.

“The Americans have had an enormous amount of difficulty in finding their military fabric, and I think this legislation will be helpful to them.”

Senator Ludlam says the US will be able to use the same materials in the event of a conflict with ChinaSenator Tom Collins says the government should get the same support as the US from overseasSenator TomCollins says he would like to see the US “get the same help” from overseas if it were to face a war with China.

“If there is an international war and China is a major player in that conflict, I would expect that our government would be looking at that,” Senator Collins said