Raccoons in a cotton candy bundle make for a sweet treat

Raccoon candy is a staple of most kids’ favorite snacks, but not for kids in New York City. 

A lot of kids in the city don’t get to eat any candy, and the city doesn’t have the resources to provide snacks like these, so there is no cotton candy.

But that didn’t stop them from doing something for their kids. 

On Saturday, a group of kids from the Bronx, Brooklyn, and Queens made up a “cotton candies” project that includes a little rascal who’s obsessed with cotton candy and the people who make it. 

The kids from Queens came up with the idea and decided to do it with cotton, yarn, and a little cotton candy grapes. 

“There are some kids in Queens who are very into it, and they really want to see cotton candy,” said Yael Auer, who lives in Brooklyn and is an organizer for the Bronx Cotton Candy Project.

Auer and her sister, Meyanna, decided to give the rascal cotton candy to the kids and it was a hit.

“There was a lot of interest and so many kids wanted to make cotton candy for the project,” she said.

“We had no idea it would be this big.”

The kids also made the project look like a real candy shop, with a full-sized sign that read, “I’m going to get you a cotton candies and some cotton candy grape.

Let’s make some cotton candys.”

The children and the rascals even made their own candy, too.

“I was just really excited to see the whole group come together to make this and it’s been really great,” said Auer.

“They just came together and really embraced it.”

The Bronx Cotton Candies project is one of a number of projects the Bronx Kids and Their Stories has made to raise money for food and supplies.

The Bronx Kids is working to create more food and more supplies for children, as well as to support their education.

The group also recently launched a GoFundMe campaign to raise funds for the families who have been displaced. 

It’s a project that’s going to be long-lasting, and Auer hopes the kids’ passion and love for the cotton candy will continue to inspire them to create.

“These kids are really into cotton candy because they really love their country and the way they are treated,” she told NBC10.

“It’s something that we’re all connected to.” 

For more on the cotton candie craze, check out the Bronx News.