What you need to know about cotton seed

RTE: A new breed of seed is to be developed in India.What’s the hype?The first seed in the Indian subcontinent, it is named after the goddess of fertility, cotton, but also the Indian word for cotton.Its popularity in India has prompted farmers to take the new crop to the next […]

What is cotton yarn?

The cotton yarn is one of the primary products that a lot of us buy when we buy yarn, especially for crochet projects.It is a relatively lightweight yarn and a good choice for beginners who may not know much about crochet.The color and texture of cotton yarn can vary depending […]

When you’re about to buy a cotton sheet

Best cotton sheets come in different sizes.Some come in a full-length variety, while others come in the width of a bra.They’re typically made of cotton, so they’re made to be washed, dried and stretched to fit.But there are also cotton sheets that are more like underwear.These cotton panties can be […]