When is it OK to throw cotton into the laundry?

The cotton has long been associated with pregnancy, birth, and childbirth, so why are women now questioning whether the cotton should be thrown into the washing machine?The answer is a little less complicated than it sounds, but it’s not entirely clear how to wash it.Read moreRead more”I think the issue […]

Why cotton candy is a ‘fairy’ ingredient

In the U.S., cotton candy has been used for more than 150 years as a sweetener, flavoring, and coloring agent.But the American Beverage Association says that cotton candy, which contains aspartame and methylcellulose, is not a “fairy” ingredient.So how does cotton candy taste?It’s a blend of cornstarch and corn syrup.And […]

How to stop eating the white stuff

Blue cotton candy, too, is an all-purpose ingredient.But it’s also a major ingredient in the ingredients list of several blue-chip snacks, including the Cadbury Chocolate Bar, which includes a blend of blue-coloured, coconut-scented chips.The Cadbury bar contains up to 60 per cent cacao powder, the company said in a statement, […]

Cotton t shirt: A modern take on cotton trousers

Cotton trousers, also known as cotton overall, have become an increasingly popular style in recent years.With cotton being cheap and available in many different colours, it’s become popular for women with short legs to add a touch of glamour to their outfits.A modern cotton t shirt is usually a more […]

The Cotton Gin, the Fruit of the Cotton Tree

Author(s) Peter and Mary Cavanaugh National Geographic Publication Date July 15, 2018 Publication Price $29.95 ISBN 978-0-951422-05-8 Country United States Category Science & Technology Category Science Fiction Category History Category History & Science Category Women’s History & Culture Category Women & Gender Issues Category Women