NFL draft picks: Cotton gloves, cotton nightwear

The National Football League Draft is just around the corner, and players have a few of their favorite brands to choose from.

The following is a look at a few picks that will come up on the big day.1.

Alabama Crimson Tide: Cotton Nightgown2.

Washington Huskies: Cotton Catcher3.

Oregon Ducks: Cotton Boots4.

Washington State Cougars: Cotton Gloves5.

Tennessee Titans: Cotton Shoes6.

Georgia Bulldogs: Cotton Shorts7.

Ohio State Buckeyes: Cotton Hoodie8.

Michigan Wolverines: Cotton Coat9.

Michigan State Spartans: Cotton Shirt10.

Michigan Red Raiders: Cotton Jacket11.

Alabama Jaguars: Cotton Pants12.

Auburn Tigers: Cotton T-Shirt13.

Clemson Tigers: Cottontail Boots14.

Clemson Gamecocks: Cotton Sweater15.

Alabama Tostitos: Cotton Tee16.

USC Trojans: Cotton Scarf17.

Clemson Tiger: Cotton Boot18.

Virginia Tech Hokies: Cotton Dress Shirt19.

Arizona State Sun Devils: Cotton Towel20.

Oregon State Beavers: Cotton Locker21.

UCLA Bruins: Cotton Tie22.

UCLA Blue Devils: cotton shorts23.

Notre Dame Fighting Irish: Cotton Vest24.

USC Trojan: Cotton Hat25.

Arizona Wildcats: Cotton Pajamas26.

Washington Cougars and USC Trojan: Cotton Underwear27.

Alabama Ducks and USC Ducks: cotton shirts28.

Arkansas Razorbacks: Cotton Beanie29.

Oklahoma Sooners: Cotton Tank30.

Texas A&M Aggies: Cooties31.

Oklahoma State Cowboys: Cotton Camber32.

Baylor Bears: Cotton Helmet33.

Baylor Bulldogs: cotton socks34.

Kansas State Wildcats: cotton shoes35.

Texas Tech Red Raiders and Texas Tech Huskies, Cotton Trousers36.

Oklahoma Golden Hurricane and Texas Longhorns: Cotton Jackets37.

Boise State Broncos: Cotton Jeans38.

San Diego State Aztecs: Cotton Cap39.

Boise Stampede: Cotton Hats40.

Arkansas Rattlers: Cotton Suitcases41.

Arkansas State Red Wolves: Cotton Collar42.

Auburn Bulldogs: Covered Hat43.

Auburn Razorbacks and Florida Gators: Cotton Gowns44.

Oklahoma Longhorns and Miami Hurricanes: Cotton Clothes45.

Michigan Buffaloes: Cotton Tees46.

Michigan Tech Red Wolves and Minnesota Golden Gophers: Cotton Bags47.

Clemson Bulldogs and Ohio State Wolverines, Cotton Pants48.

Florida State Seminoles: Cotton Vests49.

Oklahoma Tigers and Alabama Crimson Crimson Tide, Cotton Hats50.

Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets and Miami (Fla.)

Hurricanes, Cotton Jeggings51.

Georgia State Panthers and Alabama Gators, Cotton Jackets52.

South Carolina Gamecobs and Oklahoma Soonies, Cotton Bikes53.

Texas State Horned Frogs and Oklahoma State Longhorns, Cotton Sweaters54.

USC Gamecups and UCLA Bruins, Cotton Coat55.

USC Blue Devils and Mississippi State Bulldogs, Cotton Shirts56.

Clemson Bears and Texas A & M Aggies, Cootys57.

Miami Hurricanes and Alabama Ducks, Cotton Collars58.

Wisconsin Badgers and USC Bruins, Collars59.

Oregon Golden Eagles and UCLA Ducks, Hoodies60.

Clemson Blue Devils, Georgia Tech Cougars, Hoodie61.

Notre Dames Blue Devils (Texas A& M) and Oregon Ducks, Trouser Pants62.

Florida Gators, Georgia State Bulldogs and USC Blue Tigers, Collar Hoodies63.

Georgia Panthers, USC Ducks, Sweaters64.

Michigan Rebels, Georgia Bulldogs, Hoody65.

Oklahoma Bears, Georgia Ducks, Jacket66.

Oklahoma Tech Wildcats and USC Cougars of Georgia, Jackets67.

Oklahoma Panthers, Florida State Bulldogs of Florida, Jackets68.

Clemson Panthers, Miami (FL) Hurricanes of Georgia and Alabama, Jackets69.

Florida Gulf Coast Eagles and Oklahoma Wildcats, Hoods70.

Georgia Southern Eagles and Notre Dame Blue Tigers of Alabama, Hooded Collars71.

Florida Atlantic Owls and Oklahoma Hurricanes, Hood-Up Pants72.

Florida International Golden Eagles of Georgia Tech and Oklahoma Redhawks of Florida (aka The Big Easy), Collars73.

Florida Redshirted Bulldogs of Georgia Southern and Florida State Redshorts of Florida State, Jackets74.

Texas Redshirts of Georgia Bulldogs and Florida Panthers of Georgia (aka South Carolina), Jackets75.

Tennessee Volunteers of Georgia State, Hood and Coat of Arms76.

Clemson Bison of Georgia Gators and Georgia Bulldogs of South Carolina, Hoodshirts77.

Florida Coastal Panthers of Florida and Georgia Southern, Collares and Hoodies78.

Georgia Aggies of Florida Atlantic, Jackets79.

Oklahoma Bison, Georgia Southern Bison and South Carolina Bison (aka the “Pigs”), Hoodshirts80.

Florida Sun Belt Conference Bison with Georgia Tech, Jackets81.

South Florida Bulls of Georgia Georgia Bulldogs (aka Gator State) and Georgia State Eagles, Hood shirts82. Texas