New Hampshire: The Latest News 24/7 recap

New Hampshire is the latest battleground state to elect Donald Trump.

Nowhere is this more apparent than in the state’s largest city, Concord.

In Concord, Trump won the state by a landslide.

Concord, NH, NH1,6.3,1,0.9,0,0/1,8,0: A landslide for TrumpThe state has the highest population density of any of the battleground states.

Concord is also home to the largest population of New Hampshire residents, about 8,400.

Trump also won the most votes in Concord, according to an analysis of the New Hampshire Election Results, which are compiled from the state elections board and the state and county clerks.

He won 56.7 percent of the votes statewide, which is about 1.4 million votes.

Trump has since claimed victory in all but one of the other battleground states, including North Carolina, Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Virginia and Wisconsin.

The state of New Jersey, which had not elected a Republican president since 1993, also elected Trump in the primary.

In Concord, there was a big turnout.

People crowded into the streets outside a polling place to see the results.

They came out to support the Republican candidate and to say they are ready to vote for him.

There were a lot of people there to see what happened, said Kevin Schulz, who was standing outside the polling station.

It was a pretty good turnout.

He’s excited.

I think he’ll be the president in November, Schulz said.