Cotton face mask for the new Cotton Candy Randy

Cotton Candy Randy loves cotton, and he doesn’t mind a little bit of it.In fact, he has some cotton to spare.Randy was visiting his mother-in-law’s in the city of Atlanta, Georgia.He had been looking for a new cotton bathing robe for a friend, who happens to be a cotton candy […]

How to get the best cotton underwear

Cakes, pajama pants and boys cotton biker pants are all very different styles of cotton underwear.But one thing they all have in common is their ability to absorb water.And that is what these cotton underwear women will do their best to emulate in this tutorial.They will use cotton underwear to […]

How to choose a cotton sheet

If you’re planning on wearing cotton, it can be a challenge to find a cotton dress that fits your body type.And even if you do, it’s not always comfortable.The latest research shows that women tend to prefer cotton over cotton-on-body fabrics, which are made with polyester, a fabric with higher […]

Obama: ‘I don’t believe we can defeat ISIS’

President Barack Obama has expressed confidence in his military and intelligence community, saying that the military and law enforcement are “ready” to fight ISIS, even as the US military is still dealing with fallout from a deadly ambush.Speaking at a press conference Tuesday, Obama said the military has “made significant […]