How to take a bold step and transform the cotton industry

A bold step has been taken to transform the industry and the cotton sector, as cotton industry leaders say they are on a mission to change the way people shop.

The Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched the initiative at the Cotton Trade Summit in New Delhi on Wednesday.

“We are going to make it easier to buy your cotton.

You can shop online, and you can pay on the spot,” he said at the event.

“So much is being done.

So much is changing.

It’s the time for us to take bold steps.”

Modi has been in power for the last eight years.

The government has introduced new rules for cotton products, including the sale of cotton in online outlets, to reduce corruption and increase transparency.

He has also given subsidies to farmers, who are also trying to diversify their cotton production.

“This is an exciting time to be in the cotton business.

This is the time to change a lot of people’s lives, to make them buy from farmers.

And this is a great time to create jobs,” said Rajesh Kumar Sharma, chairman of the Board of Trade of the United Cotton Council.

Modi also said the government has set up an anti-corruption commission to monitor the textile industry.

“The government has made an anti inducation commission.

We have asked our people to work harder,” Sharma said.

“We have asked them to think of the quality of our product.

We want to ensure that they are doing what is best for the consumers.”

He also said that farmers would soon start getting free seeds.

“Farmers will get free seeds by April 1.

The farmers are ready to plant, and by the end of April we will start to see them produce.

The price will go down,” he added.

Modis plan to bring the cotton market into a new paradigm.

He is also taking steps to diversification, with the government encouraging farmers to sell cotton to other sectors, like the food and construction industries.