How to Dress Like Cory Cotton’s Daughter: The Cotton Guy’s Guide

Cory Cotton was born in 1981 and grew up in Washington, DC.

When he left school in his mid-20s, he decided to run for the House of Representatives and was first elected to the Senate in 1992.

He is currently the third-highest-ranking Democrat in the US Senate, serving in the same seat that his father was elected to in 1968.

He’s also the third member of the House Republican leadership to have died in office.

Cory Cotton is a member of two of the Senate’s most conservative Republican factions, but his political views are also fairly centrist.

His most popular piece of legislation is the Cotton Amendment, which allows states to make it easier for people to obtain insurance plans that are affordable to low-income Americans.

Cotton is also the author of the popular “Cotton Guy’s Daughter” song.

Cory’s first big political act came when he was a candidate for the US House of Representative in 2018.

Cotton was one of the top candidates in the Republican primary, and won the nomination with a margin of 523 votes over his Democratic opponent, Rob Wittman.

Cory won the Democratic nomination, and then the presidency, in 2020, defeating former President Joe Biden in the general election.

The two men were a couple of years apart, and Cory is also a fan of the “Cory Cotton” series of video games.

Cory and his wife, Nicole, live in Florida, and have two daughters.

He lives in Washington DC, and lives in Colorado Springs.