How the Black Cotton Bowl Stadium in Melbourne became a centre for the global cotton boom

A new stadium in Melbourne is turning the city’s cricket pitches into a centre of the cotton trade.

Key points:The stadium has the capacity for 12,000 spectatorsA new cotton-making facility will be built in the groundsThe new facilities are the brainchild of Australian company CottonFace mask maker and Cotton Bowl’s chief executive Steve ChubbThe new stadium is one of the world’s largest cricket venues with seating for more than 40,000 peopleThe Australian cricketers who used to come to the field to watch the game now play in the Cotton Bowl stadiumA new facility will provide an additional 25,000 seats for fans to watch their favourite cricketersThe stadium, which opened in August, is the brain child of Australian firm CottonFace, and will be the world leader in the manufacture of cotton bowls.

The new facility is expected to generate about $30 million annually in revenue and is expected by 2020 to generate $100 million annually.

“We’ve always been interested in building cricket stadiums and we knew there were great opportunities for us to be able to provide an alternative to the current stadiums,” Mr Chubb said.

“But it was never really about the profit, it was more about the community and about what the people wanted to see and see on a day-to-day basis.”

The stadiums were always a bit of a joke at first because they were always full but as the years went on, you could see the crowds started to grow.”‘

They don’t get enough attention’Cricket fans and supporters are being asked to give back to the game in new ways as a result of the stadiums new facilities.”

This is a very big deal and it’s not a new project,” Mr Kishore said.

He said it was a partnership between CottonFace and the Cricket Australia, which was one of several Australian companies involved in the project.”

It’s a partnership that was initiated through the Cricket Authority of Australia in Australia and we’re just really proud of the result we’ve got,” Mr Khishore added.

CottonFace has been working on the stadium for two years and is looking forward to having the facilities ready for the 2018 World Cup.”

Our main focus right now is getting the bowlers out on the field and then the fielders on the pitch,” Mr Akhtar said.

Cricketing is expected be the big drawcard for the new facility.”

But there are so many people watching on TV now that it’ll be interesting to see what happens.”