Giza Cotton Candy Sugar: ‘Cotton o nei’ could be the next big thing

CricInfo title Cric info: Giza cotton candy sugar to be a big hit in 2016 article Crikey CriKey CriCode=”caption” title Gizette: Gizettes cotton candy sucrose article article CriscoCrisco, the Sydney-based company that produces the candy, has been developing its sugar for more than two years, but the sugar will be released this year to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the first world war, which saw Britain lose much of its colonies in Europe.

“It is a new sugar, not something we have had for many years,” said CEO Paul Coughlan.

“It’s a very special type of sugar, with a distinctive taste.”

Mr Coughlon said the company had been working on a new version for a few years and was excited to be releasing a sweetened version of cotton candy that could go toe-to-toe with traditional cane sugar.

“Cotton candy is the sweetest kind of sugar,” he said.

“And it’s also the sweetener for some of the best sugar candies.”

A lot of people in Australia and New Zealand are familiar with cotton candy, with its trademark taste, but Mr Couglan said there were also a lot of Australians who would not recognise it.

“I know that people will be very surprised by it,” he added.

Mr Criker said the new sugar would also appeal to people who enjoy fruit and who enjoy the flavour of sugar.

“People are very picky about what they like, and this is a perfect sugar to satisfy those needs,” he explained.

Mr Crikias co-founder John O’Callaghan said the first Australian to have its own cotton candy would not be far off.

“That’s going to be the guy that we get into a little bit more,” he told the ABC.

Australian cotton candy producer Crikoan Sugar will also be releasing its cotton candy this year, with the company’s chief executive, Ian Kynaston, confirming the sugar would be a new product.

Kynaston said the Crikeeans new sugar could be “a real hit”.

“There are a lot people in the world who would have had cotton candy in their life, but no one had cotton sugar,” Mr Kynastan said.

In the past, Mr Klynastan had worked with Mr Crico as a sugar producer and sugar taster before taking over as chief executive.

Criker will also introduce a new type of cotton sugar, named by Mr Kalyan as Cotton Candy Orange, which will be used to replace cane sugar in its product line-up.

A new sugar will not be available for sale until 2020.