Egypt: Cotton sheets found on beach in Egypt

Posted October 07, 2018 12:25:58In a case of mistaken identity, a local official has revealed to the GlobalPost that the local cotton sheet industry was the victim of a hoax, but he is yet to prove that the sheets are cotton.

The paper reported that the Egyptian cotton sheet market has grown to $7 billion, with the number of people earning their livelihoods from it growing by 50% annually.

According to Mohamed Fares, the president of the local authority for the cotton industry, there are only about 1,200 cotton sheets made in the country each year, but about 10,000 are produced each year.

In 2017, local cotton producers had to pay a fine of $1,000 ($1,200 in Egypt).

According to the Egyptian government, a new cotton sheet that is 100% organic is the best product available in the market, but Fares insists that cotton sheets are actually made of cotton.

“The cotton sheets we have are made of the raw material.

We do not sell them, but we supply them to the producers.

So we can say they are the best cotton sheet,” he said.

Fares claims that the paper’s article on the Egyptian Cotton Bureau, the agency responsible for overseeing cotton sheet production, was a fabrication.

The article stated that “cotton sheet factories” produce cotton sheets that “are manufactured from organic cotton”.

However, the Egyptian Government’s National Commission for the Promotion of Organic Cotton, which is part of the Ministry of Agriculture, said in its statement that cotton is made from organic cane, which was used in the production of the cotton sheets.

“We do not know who fabricated the article,” Fares told the paper.