Cotton skirt, pima cotton on sale in NSW, Qld

Cotton skirt has been sold in NSW and Queensland for the first time since cotton was banned in the 1930s, as part of a marketing campaign.

The colourful fabric is being sold by the Australian Cane Company and the new product, called pima, was launched in Queensland in July.

Cotton has been banned in Queensland since April 2019, after more than 1,000 people died from the virus.

The product is available in Australia via and at, with a limited number of orders for the Queensland market.’s Michelle Ngan says the new line of cotton products was designed to give consumers the confidence to make their own choice.

“I think people are starting to feel more confident about buying from a cotton-free business, and I think it’s a good time to start looking at alternative cotton products,” she said.

“There are a number of different types of cotton, so if you’re going to be using that cotton, then you’ve got to look at other things.”

Cotton, which originated in China, was banned following World War II, but it was re-introduced by the 1950s.

The Australian Government has said cotton is now grown in all 50 states, with some products imported from overseas.

Mr Ngan said he was surprised to see the popularity of the new cotton products.

“The thing that really caught me off guard was that it was a pima skirt, and that’s a very colourful fabric, and it was all about the colours,” he said.

The cotton was created by an Australian cotton company, Cotton Co. Mr Prentice said that despite the banning of cotton in Australia, the company would continue to produce products to meet the needs of people in the country.

“We’re very happy to be back in the market with a number other brands and companies that are also making cotton,” he told