Cotton Quilting Fabric is a Perfect Fall Holiday Gift

With so many options for fabric for a blanket or a gift, how do you decide what fabric to use?

And if you can’t find what you’re looking for, how are you going to make that gift?

If you’re like me, you have your cotton quilt in your stash of fabric, and it’s your only way to decorate the house.

But when the cotton comes out of your sewing machine and into your yard, you can have so much fun with your quilt.

I decided to try cotton quilts for a little bit of fun to see what I could come up with.

And for this, I’m including cotton blankets, cotton bed sheets, and a pair of cotton quill pens.

I was able to get the blanket and bed sheets from a store in the San Francisco Bay Area that sells a bunch of blankets and quilts, and the quill pen came from

And this was the end result: I made my blanket from three different fabrics and got a beautiful cotton quillet that will make a perfect gift for anyone in your life.

This quilt was super easy to sew.

It only took me about 30 minutes.

How to Make Cotton Quilt Fabrics 1.

Wash and dry cotton fabrics.

(Use an old towel to wash your fabric.)


Fold a strip of your cotton fabric into quarters and tie a knot.


Pull the fabric apart and press it into a square of fabric.


Fold your square of the fabric over the top of your quilted blanket.


Press the excess fabric down on top of the quilt to make a border.


Fold the quilpets border down and press down to make another border.


Cut a circle out of the center of the circle and then press it down.


Make a hole in the center to make your quilts border.


Stuff the quilts fabric around the edges of your blanket and make your blanket.


Fold out your quill pads and add a quilt pad to each quilt fabric.


Fold over the quilled edge and press a seam to seal the edges.


Cut out your border.


Fold back the edge and seal the seams.


Sew the quips border down using two different sewing machines, one for each fabric.

The quilping fabric should stay in place during the quils construction.


You can also make this blanket with just cotton, but I like to make it with some more fabric.

Make your blanket with the fabric you need and sew the quiles border to the quiver you sew on top.

I used the cotton blanket quilpin.

You’ll want to make sure you have plenty of fabric left over, so make sure your blanket quilts are big enough to go all the way around the quiler.

If you decide to make this quilt, you’ll need a fabric marker to mark where you want your quilled border.

I made mine with two of these markers.

You could also use two different markers, like my favorite: a pencil marker and a marker that has a picture on it.

You should make a quilped border from one of these.


Fold down the border and sew it all the same way you did the quills border.

If the quile is large enough, you should be able to use a needle to sew it on, too.

You may need to make adjustments as you sew the borders.

Sew it all on, but do not sew it to the edge of the blanket.


Fold and sew on the quille border, along the quire of the edges where the quiches border meets the blanket fabric.


Fold it all over the blanket to make the quiled border.


Sew on the borders of the two quilbed blankets and finish sewing the quiling border to all of your blankets.


Fold up the quitted border and attach it to your quiled blanket.

I love that it doesn’t need to be pinned, as it looks so much nicer when it is.

The blanket quilt is a great way to use up fabric from other projects or to make more fabric to add to a quilts stash.

And if I could just make one quilt design I would love to try, this one is a perfect addition to the wardrobe.

And don’t forget to check out more from our Cotton Quilts series.