Cotton Bedspreads: A Baby’s Best Friend

Baby cottones are among the first household items to arrive in the US from China in the last decade.The cotton bedspread, as it’s known, is made with cotton and is the perfect companion for newborns, who can spend hours sitting on the bed and not know what’s happening next.“You’re going […]

How to save a cotton bale from a cotton field

We’ve heard the saying, “a cotton bail is like a life raft” before.But that was back in the day, before cotton bails were invented, and before the concept of a cotton farm actually existed.We still have cotton bailing, of course, but we’ve also had to think about how to get […]

How to make your own cotton pads

Cotton is a versatile crop.It can be grown on land, in fields, or in a landfill.But one of the biggest problems with growing cotton is that it’s incredibly difficult to recycle it.And that’s why we’re getting rid of cotton.Here’s how to make cotton pads and other recyclable fabric items for […]

How to dress up for a cotton wedding

The wedding of an Indian bride to a white man in America has gone viral on social media.The wedding took place in May, but the video of the nuptials is just now being posted.The wedding of Ankit Kaur, from the eastern city of Jaipur, is a rare example of a […]