What the heck is the Cotton Poplin?

By Alessandra PizzoliAs football teams get more and more diverse, the number of players who look like their ethnicity is on the rise.While a growing number of European clubs are opting for players of mixed-race ancestry, many American clubs have adopted a more conservative approach, preferring to stay out of […]

How to get the best cotton underwear

Cakes, pajama pants and boys cotton biker pants are all very different styles of cotton underwear.But one thing they all have in common is their ability to absorb water.And that is what these cotton underwear women will do their best to emulate in this tutorial.They will use cotton underwear to […]

How to stop eating the white stuff

Blue cotton candy, too, is an all-purpose ingredient.But it’s also a major ingredient in the ingredients list of several blue-chip snacks, including the Cadbury Chocolate Bar, which includes a blend of blue-coloured, coconut-scented chips.The Cadbury bar contains up to 60 per cent cacao powder, the company said in a statement, […]

Egypt: Cotton sheets found on beach in Egypt

Posted October 07, 2018 12:25:58In a case of mistaken identity, a local official has revealed to the GlobalPost that the local cotton sheet industry was the victim of a hoax, but he is yet to prove that the sheets are cotton.The paper reported that the Egyptian cotton sheet market has […]

What happens when you combine cotton and rye?

The new crop is one of three in the new season.And cotton is already being used as an ingredient in foods and cosmetics.The American Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics has estimated that the crop’s high levels of nitrogen could help to offset the negative effects of climate change.That could mean […]